Bharat Group of Institutions has excelled in all spheres. The quality management system of Bharat Group of Institutions has been assessed and registered to have had complied with the requirements of the International standard and was certified as per ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004. Our Institute has been registered with the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC). The secret of its success lies in first-rate performance.

BiTS mission and vision is not just to distribute degree and certificate but create entrepreneurship with best knowledge/talent according to the need of the industry and societies and according to our heartiest interest for the country first.

In order to produce industry-ready professionals and mould the students into dynamic and versatile personalities, the institute has introduced a number of Professional Training courses at subsidised rates. These courses will be conducted by professional trainers.

We have also signed up with Education Valley, a professional group to provide value-added industry supported specialised modules in Finance, Marketing, Digital Marketing programmes to our MBA students.

Training in Life Skills is also conducted for engineering polytechnic, nursing, management and pharmacy students by in-house as well as outside experts. The students are prepared on what to expect in an interview and what is expected of them through Soft Skill Training. Managing and preventing anxiety during the interview are discussed as well as appropriate responses to difficult and tricky questions. Important aspects such as positive body language are also covered. To asses the soft skills of the students, mock interviews are also held at regular intervals.

The institute conducts regular Aptitude tests for pre-final year and final year students. The test provides the full analysis of each student by way of mapping their competency level which helps students in understanding their career path.

Bharat Group of Institutions