The Full Story

To be a leader in education, an institution must be founded on two basic principles: keeping the interest of students as its foremost priority and recognizing that knowledge is ever-growing, omnipresent and requires the opening of minds.

At Bharat Group of Institutions, we take pride in these two qualities being at the core of our existence. Bharat Group of Institutions aims to perpetuate a culture of hard work, embracing change and preparing oneself for the fast progressing world with the latest skills and the highest level of social and personal values. Situated 60 km from Delhi in Haryana, Bharat Group of Institutions was founded in 2008 and has graduated over 4000 students. Nearly 1500 students are currently studying on campus.

Bharat Group of Institution's vision is to give students from all kinds of background, a quality educational experience leading to legitimately rewarding career opportunities.