Bharat Group of Institutions has a dedicated T&P Cell with Mrs Swati Dev as Head - Training & Placement Cell. The T&P Cell is ably supported by a Corporate Relations Team led by Mr Naveen Gaur. Even at departmental and Institute level a dedicated T&P cell exists. The T&P Cell operates under the overall supervision of Mr C.V. Jain. The T&P Cell nurtures industry institute interaction by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training and industrial projects. It also undertakes the following:-

• Organizes & coordinates on-campus and off-campus recruitment drives.
• Helps every student define his/her career interest through individual expert counselling.
• Regularly facilitates student interaction with top industry personnel via Guest Lectures.

The T&P cell has organized placement opportunities in more than 50 companies in the previous years and nearly 30 have been lined up in the coming year. Along with the work of the Placement Team, the students are guided by the departments as to the various job opportunities available to them. Special training programs are organized and conducted to provide company-specific employability training.

Headed by Asstt. Prof. Dinesh Panchal and ably supported by a Corporate Relations team led by Mr Naveen Gaur, the T&P cell nurtures industry-institute interaction, by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training and industrial projects. The cell does the following:

• Organizes & coordinates On/Off-campus recruitment drives.
• With a data bank of over 500 companies, the cell ensured opportunities in more than 50 companies in previous years. More than 30 companies have given our students opportunities in the current years.
• Helps every student define his/her career interest through individual expert counselling.
• Provide inputs to the training team regarding specific job/skill requirements.
• Regularly facilitates students’ interactions with top industry personnel via Guest Lectures.
• Bharat Group of Institutions has a specialised Training and Placement Cell which takes care of all the on-campus as well as off-campus placement activities of the entire student body.
• The Training and Placement cell nurtures industry-institute interaction by organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, in-plant training and projects of individual relevance for the students, with the sole aim of reducing the gap between the industry and the academia.
• The list of students is drawn and maintained by the department in collaboration with Training and Placement Cell and accordingly, various companies are approached for the placement of the students.
• Along with the work of the Placement Team, the students are guided by the departments as to the various job opportunities available to them. The Career Advancement Cell currently has a group of experienced faculty who constantly provide training to the students as per the required needs of the batch. Special training programs are organized and conducted to provide company-specific employability training.

10+ Training Programs
15+ Online Training Programs
250+ Recruitments
60+ Recruiters
500+ Offerings
5 Lacs+ Salary offered

Placement Policies

Bharat Group of Institutions Training & Placement Cell welcomes all final year students for Placement Program 2016-17 under following terms & conditions:

• The qualification and other criteria of any given company will decide the eligibility of students for placement in that company. The criteria from the company would be treated as final eligibility criteria for students
• It will be mandatory for all the concerned student representatives of T&P Cell to attend and actively participate in every T&P meeting in order to ensure optimum representation and smooth flow of feedback and information.
• All the students must maintain decorum and discipline during the campus placement drives, specifically in terms of proper uniforms, presentation, and behaviour; failing which the guilty student (s) may be debarred from the placement process.
• Students must sign up for a company a minimum of 48 hours before the commencement of placement event. They must verify their eligibility at the T&P office for this purpose. This time period may vary if the company requires prior notification of the number of candidates
• If a student fails to finally get selected in the selection process during 10 consecutive placement drives; he/she shall be deemed to be ineligible for employment through T&P Cell.
• If a student expressed interest to participate in any campus/off-campus drive (by registration, email, telephonic message) fails to participate in the drive, he/she shall be considered as not being interested in placement through T&P Cell.
• The students shall be communicated at their respective university email is only about the upcoming drives, activities, notifications, events, results etc. University email ids shall be treated as the medium for official communication for one and all. The Placement Committee shall ensure to use their Bharat Group of Institution's email ids by forming suitable groups while keeping other constituent T&P bodies in the communication loop.
• All of the T&P Cell constituent bodies like T&P officials, Placement Committee, Faculty Coordinators shall together form a Placement Group and relevant information of general interest shall be shared within the Group on a routine basis.
• If a student fails to clear the first/prelim round of selection process within 5 consecutive selection drives, he/she shall be deemed to be ineligible for employment through T&P Cell. In such cases, either he/she shall have to opt for employability enhancement training or he/she shall be considered out of the placement process for the session.
• In the event of an offer being withdrawn for any reason (apart from a student’s inability to meet required criteria or failing an announced background check), the student will be eligible for placement again. Bharat Group of Institutions (the best institute in NCR Delhi) will make all efforts to let him/her appear for equivalent job interviews.

Industry Institute Interaction

To Promote Industry - Institute Interaction Following Schemes Are Being Undertaken

• Establishment of Industry-Institute Partnership /interaction Cell.
• Organizing Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.
• Encouraging engineers from industry to visit Engineering Institution to deliver lectures.
• Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.
• Arranging visits of staff members to various industry
• Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries.
• Industrial testing by faculty & technicians at site or in laboratory.
• Joint research programmes and field studies by faculty and people from industries.
• Visits of faculty to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest.
• Visits of industry executives and practising engineers to the Institute for seeing research work and laboratories, discussions and delivering lectures on industrial practices, trends and experiences.
• Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and industries to bring the two sides emotionally and strategically closer.
• Human resource development programmes by the faculty for practising engineers.
• Collaborative degree programmes.
• B.Tech. and M.Tech. projects/dissertation work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.
• Short-term assignment to faculty members in industries.
• Visiting faculty/professors from industries.
• Professorial Chairs sponsored by industries at the Institute.
• R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute.
• Scholarships/fellowships instituted by industries at the Institute for students.
• Practical training of students in industries.

Training Programs

For Government Sector

• SSC (JE) Preparation Classes
• GATE Preparation Classes
• SSC (CGL) Preparation Classes
• IBPS (PO) Preparation Classes

For Higher Education

• GATE Preparation Classes
• CAT Preparation Classes

For Private Sector

Aptitude Training

• This training program helps students assess themselves in different areas where the aptitude skills are tested. With frequent insights into these subjects, students become well versed in these areas and perform better in aptitude testing.The key features of our course include:
• Module Based Study Material
• Subject Specific Specialists
• Result Oriented Training
• Online / Offline Assessments
• Flexible Learning Schedule
• Regular / Crash Batches

GD – PI Training
Soft skills are different from other skills in terms of it being the only set of skills which can never truly be crammed into anybody. These skills can only be polished at best. In this highly competitive job market, employers seek for candidates with highly desired professional traits like teamwork, dependability, adaptability, problem solving, and communication skills. Hard skills like subject knowledge are essential for students to get placed in their dream job. However, it is soft skills that help them excel their job.The Resume, Group Discussion and Interview are true assessors of the soft skills of an individual.
The resume is your marketing brochure. It highlights your academics, background, achievements, interests and track record for a specific employment search. It is the first step in the filtration process and is used to screen applicants. At BGI, we assist candidates in preparing the format and content of the resume.
Group Discussion
Group Discussion is a filtration too used by some companies to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and skills they require in their members. At the group discussion a host of skills such as communication,interpersonal, leadership, problem solving, conceptualizing etc. are assessed and analysed.
The interview is usually the last step of the hiring process and the most important. It offers a candidate and the employer the opportunity to meet one another, exchange information and come to tentative conclusions about “hiring” one another. At SMART our program ensures that each student is adequately trained and well prepared to face the interview round.

Student Testimonials

Shilpa Kukreja
Electronics & Communication Engineering
I am really grateful to be associated with the Electronics and Communication Department of an esteemed institution “Bharat Group of Institutions”. The college has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for me which has not only enhanced my technical skills but also polished my personality. Their guidance always leads to a path of becoming skilled and an out of the league quality engineers.
Information Technology
Information Technology department is a feather in the cap of Bharat Group. It has proved its potential many a times in all the fields. The best feature here is the faculty and staff. The focus of education in Bharat Group is to attain best results and maximum placement. Extra classes & special attention is given to weaker students. I wish Bharat Group and IT department All the Best for all its future endeavors.
Priyanka Sharma
Computer Science & Engineering
I wish to express my gratitude to our Bharat Group of Institutions, Sonepat for giving me a chance to be a part of Computer Science Engineering Department. The department concentrates on the overall development of students. Apart from aiming at academic growth it also aims at improving the moral values of students. Our department has set the foundation for events that have inspired students to move out of the classrooms to enhance technical skills and develop personality through various activities. Students are taught leadership qualities and are trained for their bright future.
Information Technology
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology is enriched with competent and dedicated faculty members to bring out the best in students. Fully equipped air-conditioned laboratories with internet, web application facilities accessible on LAN and Wi-Fi are available for students to provide them on-hand experience on latest software and technology tools used in the Industries. All the laboratories and is equipped with Printers & other equipments.
Anil Malik
Mechanical Engineering
I am glad to be associated with the Mechanical Engineering Stream. Our department has well equipped workshops, labs and lecture halls and the faculty and staff are ever reachable. The Training & Placement Cell arranges talks by eminent professionals grooming us for communication skills, speaking power, group discussion etc.