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Lab Details
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Lab Details





Power system Laboratory comprises of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related experiments. Facilities are available for over -current, under voltage, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays.




This is the basic lab for all the branches of B-Tech.  Here students interact with various theorems, machines and network. They get the basic skill to operate & control the electrical machine. This lab is fully equipped with equipment like motors, generator (both A.C and D.C.), transformers, all measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters, watt-meters, and energy meters), rheostats, capacitors, inductors, to conduct the experiments.




The electrical machine laboratory is intended specifically to meet the needs of modern courses in electrical machines. It is used at undergraduate level for studying the characteristics and operation of Single Phase and Three Phase Transformer, Dc, Induction, Synchronous and Special Electrical Machines using state of the art teaching modules. The subjects that are covered in this manual include: characteristics of dc motors and dc generators (separate, series, shunt and compound), determining the parameters and performance characteristics of transformers, and finally the starting methods, control and performance of 3-phase induction motors.





This laboratory is equipped with all the modern circuit theory lab equipments and their manuals. Experimental tools on different network parameters like Z, Y, T, H parameters. Moreover this lab also have apparatus for different types of filters such as high Pass Low pass band pas band stop and many other on resonance conditions.







This course introduces students to fundamental control systems theory with emphasis on design and implementation. These labs focus on technical implementation issues of classical control theory in the frequency domain and modern control theory in the state-space. Here students learn the various control methods which are being used in the industries now a day.





One of the fastest growing areas in engineering and technology are electric drives and their power electronic converters. Modern electric drives enable smarter utilization of electric and electronic systems. Such electric drives, in turn, help create a demand for increased use of electric and electronic systems. Electric drives and their power electronic converters are facilitating electric power transfer systems, which are replacing conventional mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic power transfer systems. For all these applications, electric drives and their power electronic converters have real and significant potential for improving efficiency, reliability, performance and safety.





The workshop is equipped with the required tools and measuring instruments for training in modern electrical system. Practical training is provided on electrical parts and components, construction and set up of parts and components, their assembly, measuring techniques, fault finding and error detection. Here students learn the basic skill of fabrication and transformer, PCB etc.






The training and exercises in this laboratory include; DC technology, Ohms resistance, AC technology, AC / DC measuring instruments and techniques, AC / DC voltage sources, capacitors in AC / DC circuits, coils in AC / DC circuits, three-phase circuits, transformer circuits, protective engineering and measurements, electrical networks, industrial and house installation, house communication, and energy distribution.



To Meet with new electronics trends of modern or this lab gives the description of Power semiconductor devices like IGBTs, Power MOSFETs, Driver ICs, LCR-Q meter and other devices for making and testing analog and digital circuits, Thyristor converters, DC chopper modules, power devices such as Thyristors, Power MOSFETs, IGBTs of various voltage and current ratings, Opto-Isolators, Pulse transformers and other related commutating components.





In this lab students are welcome to show their technical innovation & skill by designing an extra ordinary project.  A focus on design inspires innovation and enhances creativity for self, builds the foundation and provides the edge for competitive success required in today’s dynamic environment for engineers.





This lab makes easy to innovate new researches. Before implementing the data on hard projects, It is simulated & verified in this lab. This lab is fully equipped with required software’s & tools with favorable environment.



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